Minburn County is a municipal district in east central Alberta. The County of Minburn covers 1 town, 2 villages, 3 hamlets and 11 localities that spans 2,910.42 km². The county had a website that was severely outdated and lacked the modern look and functionality that a lot of surrounding municipalities have implemented.

When first talking with the county there were a few things that were needed in the re-design. The website had to allow for residents to easily generate permits online, find county information such as minutes and by-laws as well as county information and events. From this information the overhaul began.


Website Development


Minburn County

What We Did

Website Overhaul, WordPress CMS

Minburn County Website design
Justin Falconer Media
The Original Website

Outdated and low

user functionality

This is the website when I first was approached by the county of Minburn. As you can see it looked pretty outdated in comparison to most websites. The website also was very difficult for users to navigate and find information. These were concerns that had to be addressed.

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The Solution

Modernized and optimized

for user functionality

After figuring out where the county wanted to improve their website I was able to help implement a new layout and design that allowed for ease of finding information for county residents as well as optimize the function of getting permits online.

Background image by Davin G Photography
minburn county website justin falconer media
Justin Falconer Media