Vegreville Ford


  • High Cost Per Click
  • Static Online Presence
  • Inconsistent Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Media
  • Strategy

“We doubled our click through rate for a quarter of the price.”

When first introduced to the Ford dealership, we sat down and talked about what the goals were for them and in what time frame. Knowing that online strategy is not an overnight success, we narrowed the focus down to three main focuses; lowering the amount spent on customer leads, consistent strategy, and increasing the brand’s presence online.

facebook ad results car dealer

6 Month Progress Report

Facebook & Instagram Ads

After 6 months of testing and placing ads we generated over 2700 unique leads to the website. Prior to our campaigns they generated only 1100 in the same time frame.

Cheaper Cost

We spent roughly 1/4 the budget of the previous year and achieved over two times the leads.

Increase Brand Awareness

Video Advertising

During the campaigns ran we also shot videos promoting the Veg Ford brand and it's 'We Beat Big City Prices' campaign. We know this helped drive traffic to other ad's used during this time.

Brand Storytelling

The biggest goal is to create content that resonates with people who engage with the brand. The future is to continue creating valuable and exciting video content for the dealer.

Vegreville Ford Video